Soft saves, character limits, duplicate profiles and more – What’s new?


We’ve recently released an update to the Josari App – Whoop Whoop! The latest version addresses numerous functionality issues, improving the overall user experience. Here’s a brief summary of what’s been improved:

Soft Save

A few advisers were struggling to create a new service. Information entered was not saved when the back button was pressed. To resolve the problem, we introduced a soft save function which ensures new services are saved periodically. It also means you can complete your profile later and recover information if interrupted during the new service setup.

To access saved profiles, click on the ‘plus’ button in the service profile screen.

You will then be prompted to choose either an existing service or start a new service.

New Public Profile

All service profiles now have a new layout that is reflective of our new and improved design direction. The new design makes it easier to view specialties, find your Josari ID and showcase pictures that have been uploaded.

Character Limit

In order to keep service profiles to a reasonable size, we introduced character limits to Josari. The latest Josari app update includes a character limit counter which displays the remaining number of characters in the text field.

Duplicate Profile

For advisers with a broad range of skills, we’ve introduced the duplicate profile feature. This makes it easier for advisers to produce multiple profiles and then fine-tune the details for specific areas of specialisation. For example, a generalist marketer can create specific profiles as a Facebook specialist, a communications specialist or even a WordPress website specialist etc.

What’s next on the to-do list for Josari?

We are continuing to refine the process for creating a new service. Advisers will now be prompted with a 10-step walkthrough, guiding them on how to setup an amazing service profile. The rebuild is almost complete and will feature tips and tricks on what to write, along with a preview screen showing you exactly what your profile will look like before it is public.

Following from our last news article regarding the Android development progress, our Android team has finished coding all screens. We still need to connect the app to the payment platform and video platform, however we’re still on track for launching by the end of 2019!

Stay tuned for more updates in the weeks to come!



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