Paul Buckwell
Co-Founder & CEO

Paul is head of all business operations (and the master of some). He is on a mission to create a global platform for instant micro-consultation services. For all enquiries (business, app, investment) he’s your man.

Mike Krueger

Mike is the business genius who, from the beginning, saw Josari’s potential. He is the silent co-founder, supporting the team with his advice, resources and natural good charm.

Tinni Choudhury

Tinni is very passionate about building innovative enterprises for our data-rich future. As a consultant CTO, she is here to educate the technically-challenged and project manage our app to launch and beyond.

Brody Gock
Head of Digital

Brody is our creative genius. He loves a challenge; especially if it involves developing better digital experiences. Just don’t ask him to “make the logo bigger”.