Launching soon – Lead Gen Maximiser pack helps consultants bring in new business


Josari is excited to announce that its new Lead Gen Maximiser solution is almost ready for launch! 


This new solution will significantly expand the business development and customer engagement opportunities for consultants on the Josari platform.

COVID-19 is having such an impact on small businesses around Australia. Some are struggling with sales and a nervous workforce. Other businesses are booming and looking to invest in services such as marketing and strategic planning.

Whether they are expanding, declining or holding steady, advice is always something small businesses can never get enough of.

That’s why we created the Lead Gen Maximiser pack. It allows consultants to help out businesses with some free advice, expand their network of contacts and make some money along the way!


What’s on offer



First 20 Minutes free

Many consultants offer free advice on their initial consultation with new customers – so we are implementing the same functionality with Josari.

The reason most consultants offer this ‘freebie’ is that it helps establish trust with the customer. The customer knows they are getting sound advice from a professional, and a little giving goes a long way to building trust and rapport. It also allows consultants to understand the business better so that the advice they provide is relevant for the customers’ specific circumstances.

The first 20 minutes free feature is only applicable for new business enquiries on the first call. After the first 20 minutes, the video call will revert to the consultant’s standard charge out rate.


Three service profiles

Allowing consultants to offer up to three service profiles enables them to focus on niche specialties.

Some small businesses are after generic advice. Some are after specific advice – having multiple profiles allows consultants to cater for both sides of the coin.

Have you already set up multiple services on Josari? Don’t worry, we will not be deleting existing profiles. You will simply be restricted from adding more profiles in the future.

Reduced transaction fees

We’ve reduced the transaction fee on the platform when advisers upgrade to the Lead Gen Maximiser package. The fee reduces from 15% to 13%. That’s such great value!

Premium Listing

A premium listing will have you appearing at the top of search results for your keywords. Lead Gen Maximiser package subscribers take priority over the Branding Champ listings as they provide greater value for the small businesses that need advice.

Increase in the video call cap

Josari’s Lead Gen Maximiser package offers a combined 100 hours / month of video call time. That’s a massive 23 hours per week that you can be taking video calls and getting paid to provide your expert opinion.

In addition to all the benefits listed above, the Lead Gen Maximiser package includes all the features of the Branding Champ solution, including:

·        The ability to set the value of your time

·        20 hours / month incoming video cap

·        Your unique Josari ID for use on all advertising materials

·        No lock in contracts

·        Takes only 2 business days to receive payment


Expanded Range of Service providers

The Lead Gen Maximiser pack has the added bonus of enabling a wider range of advisers to provide advisory services on Josari. Certain professional services industries require consultants to have an agreement in place with customers before they can provide specific advice on a topic.

This includes consultants in the following industries:

1.     Legal industry

2.     Accounting / Financial services

Advisers in these industries can use the initial free 20 minutes to provide an introductory consultation to customers and then send them all the forms required to be able to engage their services. This can include client services agreements, cost disclosures, letters of engagement etc.

If you know anyone in these industries that may be interested in joining Josari (or you have an adviser you think would be interested in the platform), please share this post with them.

Next steps

We are currently taking expressions of interest in this new service offering. If you would like further information on this package, please send us an enquiry using the form below or Join the Waitlist