How to build a captivating, professional profile on Josari

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Presentation is critical when it comes to first impressions. Whether it’s for a date, a job interview or even a professional profile, you want to present yourself in the best light. The same applies to how you present yourself online.

On Josari, one of the easiest ways you can differentiate yourself from other advisers is to have a well-built, professional profile. Having a professional profile will help boost your credibility, highlight your skills and assist you in attracting more clients.

Below, we will discuss what makes a great professional profile and how to setup a profile.

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What makes a great professional profile

Signing up as an adviser on Josari is easy. Creating a well-built, professional profile takes a little more work though. By taking the time to build a professional profile, you are increasing your chances of success and your ability to attract more clients. There are several elements you need to consider when creating your profile on Josari, including:

Service Name

A tailored service name will help you attract more clients. By highlighting your expertise in a certain field, you are making it easier for clients to find specialised advice. For example, if you are a marketing consultant who specialises in Facebook advertising, the title of your service could be “Facebook Marketing Expert” rather than “Marketing Expert”.


The overview is the first information a consumer will read about you once they have read your service name. It’s limited to 200 characters, so make sure it’s short, punchy and to the point.


When describing your experience, it’s important to showcase your qualifications, certificates and real-world application. This will help potential clients get a better understanding of your skills and expertise on a certain subject. The more information you provide, the more credible you become.

Don’t forget to add some additional information such as availability hours and your English level of proficiency to increase your chances of receiving video calls from more clients. Pro tip – you can create more than one service profile if you are providing more than one service. 

Profile Image

Having a nice photo is another important aspect when creating a professional profile. Below are some tips to consider when selecting a professional image for your profile.

  1. Choose a picture of you
    It is important that the picture you select is of yourself. This includes ensuring the image is up-to-date and your face is the main focus. Don’t use filters. No one wants to see you with dog ears!
  2. Look friendly
    Try to smile in the picture. Remember, you want people to contact you, so ensure you appear friendly and approachable – someone who is easy to talk to.
  3. Look at the camera
    Eye contact will help whoever is browsing your profile to more easily connect with you. Eye contact denotes trust and it gives the impression you’re not hiding anything.
  4. Dress professionally
    Again, this is a professional profile. This means dressing professionally. It doesn’t need to be a full suit, but you have to be presentable. Pro-tip #2: it’s best if you’re not in your onesie!
  5. Choose a clear background
    Avoid distracting backgrounds that include objects and other people. A plain backdrop is more suitable and will help ensure your face is the main focus.

Another solution for improving the look and feel of your profile is to add multiple images. They don’t all have to be of you – you can show images of the projects you’ve completed, a snapshot of your career qualifications and / or certificates, awards you’ve received etc. 

At the end of the day, more complete profiles will always get more views and calls from consumers.


One of the most important elements to a great profile is getting the keywords right. Keywords define what your service profile is about and they need to be relevant to what people are searching for. 

Your keywords are vital to getting the right consumers to find you in their search for a consultant. Josari limits keywords to 90 characters, so choose them wisely!

Multiple Profiles

Josari allows you to setup multiple service profiles. If you happen to specialise in numerous areas, we recommend you have separate service profiles for each specialty.

For example, you may specialise in IT consulting and SEO. Why not have a profile for each service?

Conversely, you may be a marketing professional with a natural gift for playing the guitar. In this case, you could setup two profiles; one for your marketing services and the other for teaching guitar.

How to setup a profile

Creating a profile on Josari is very straightforward. Below are six steps to create your first service profile on Josari.

Step 1

Launch Josari.

Make sure you’re signed-in.

Step 2

Open the menu in the top-left corner and select ‘My Services’.

Step 3

Create a new service by tapping the plus (+) button in the top-right corner.

Step 4

Fill in your service details.

Tap the tick button in the top-right corner to save your information.

Step 5

Wait for your service to be approved.

In the meantime, connect your Stripe account.

If you don’t have one, follow the links to create a new Stripe account.

Step 6

Once your service has been approved, you can edit your profile and add additional information such as:

  • a custom profile image;
  • more photos; and
  • availability hours.

Service profile template

To help you build an amazing professional profile, we’ve created a template that outlines all the information you’ll need to get started. 

A quick recap

A professional profile is a great way to attract more clients. It will help boost your credibility and highlight your skills. 

The service name, overview, experience and image are the main components of your profile. Making an effort to ensure each component is professional will help give a great impression to your customers.

Once you have setup your personal profile on Josari, check out Mastering confidence – Know what you’re talking about on Josari for more tips for success!