Schedule Of Fees

Josari is a great place to both seek and provide advice on a range of different topics.

We’ve kept our cost structure to a minimum in order to deliver consumers a brilliant experience without breaking the bank!

Our Schedule of Fees:

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Get advice Only pay the Adviser Fee*
Provide advice+ 15% Josari Success Fee taken from the total cost of the call


* The fee charged for any advice is calculated by multiplying the Charge Out Rate by the duration of the consultation. The Charge Out Rate is determined by the Adviser. Charge Out Rates are expressed on a per minute basis and charged in 30-second increments. All rates are inclusive of GST.

A Service Contract is formed and fees are incurred from the point at which you press ‘Engage’ on your screen, or after the first 30 seconds of the video consultation service, whichever is first. 

+ The Success Fee will be charged on completion of the consultation.

For further information on Charge Out Rates and fee structures, please refer to the App Terms and Conditions