Instant Gratification

Josari provides instant gratification and problem solving opportunities through targeted search results. You may be a DIY’er that needs to talk to a local plumber about their flooding bathroom….or a uni student that needs to talk to a professor about their unique Masters assignment….or a prospective migrant seeking advice from an immigration lawyer…the opportunities are endless..

Josari gives you access to Advisors Instantly
Josari gives you access to Advisors Instantly

Stripe Integration

Secure payments are covered through Josari. With Stripe integration, you are safe in the knowledge your banking and transaction details are kept safe and sound. In fact, Josari does not even hold any payment information – we let Stripe take care of that!

Multiple Applications

Josari has multiple applications for your business. You can determine if the request requires further work and quote for it confidently, you can provide your expertise instantaneously without moving from your location and you can service a much wider customer-base.

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