Searching For Graphic Design Advice

Graphic design is an underrated skill; and you probably already know this.

You’ve just started a new business and require a logo design. However, expenses are tight and you’re reluctant to hire a professional graphic designer. You decide to spend a few minutes searching on Google “how to make a logo” only to find yourself 10 hours later completely overwhelmed. You start thinking to yourself, “I wish I could talk to a graphic designer just for a few minutes to guide me in the right direction”.

Now you can! Josari is a knowledge marketplace which allows users to instantly connect with advisors. Using video, you can state your problem and ask for help.

Get the right advice, right now.

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With Josari, you can easily get in contact with a knowledgeable advisor.

The benefits of using our platform include:

  • Immediate solutions and advice
  • Access to a diverse range of advisors outside your network
  • Quality advice through user-rated reviews
  • Affordable marketplace
  • Chat to advisors anytime, day or night
  • Secure transaction portal through Paypal
  • Personal face to face interaction – know who you are talking to
  • Chat to advisors in multiple languages

Want to be a graphic design advisor on the Josari platform instead? Click here.

Get the Right Support

Browse hundreds of experts who can help you, safely knowing that they have the skills you require. Josari’s user rating system ensures you are getting the best advice, recommended by your peers.

Quality Advice Instantly

Josari’s video platform allows you to get advice on how to lose weight from any diet expert anywhere in the world and clearly explain to them what you need help with.

Save Time and Money

Don’t take time from your busy schedule to book an appointment that may or may not need an hour to discuss. Having a dietician at your fingertips means they can advise you immediately on whatever advice you need, taking however long it takes to find a solution.

Josari’s mobile app is currently in development with an estimated launch date of February, 2019. Register your interest today.