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Have you ever needed to get some quick videography advice without the hassle of contracting a professional for a full-scale project?

With Josari’s video marketplace, there’s a videography adviser ready now to guide you. It doesn’t matter if you have one question or ten; don’t spend unnecessary time, money and effort seeking advice that can be provided instantly via our video platform.

From technical set-up and delivery to general idea screening, using Josari’s video consultation platform means communication is more productive, efficient and comprehensive.

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    With Josari, you can easily get in contact with a knowledgeable adviser.

    The benefits of using our platform include:

    • Immediate solutions and advice
    • Access to a diverse range of advisors outside your network
    • Quality advice through user-rated reviews
    • Affordable marketplace
    • Chat to advisors anytime, day or night
    • Secure transaction portal through Stripe
    • Personal face to face interaction – know who you are talking to
    • Chat to advisors in multiple languages


    Browse hundreds of experts who can help you, safely knowing that they have the skills you require. Josari’s user rating system ensures you are getting the best advice, recommended by your peers.


    Josari’s video platform allows you to get advice anywhere in the world from quality advisers.


    Don’t take time from your busy schedule to book an appointment that may or may not need an hour to discuss. Having an adviser at your fingertips means they can advise you immediately on whatever advice you need, taking however long it takes to find a solution.