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Want to scale your hustle?

Advice is the secret! Get one up over your competition with Josari. Our affordable advisers are ready to help you scale with advice specific to your needs. Josari allows you to talk to professional small business advisers about what advice you need to scale.

Tailored advice

How many times have you consulted with a partner, friend or colleague, only to find their advice was not right? With Josari you can get advice specific to your small business requirements. Josari offers the benefits of an advisory board without the overheads.

Marketplace of consultants

Expand your network of professional contacts with Josari. Find the right advisor that suits your budget, experience and qualifications.  Remember – the business with the best advice wins!

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Advice on demand

With Josari you can easily access advisers with just a few clicks. Having the Josari app on your phone means you have business experts at your fingertips. Don’t let missed opportunities pass you by because you were too slow to react.  

Privacy Concerns? Gone!

Rest assured your video calls are safe and secure with Josari. We don’t record any calls, create transcripts and we especially don’t sell your data to third parties. That’s just rude!

Vetted advisers

Not just anyone can be an adviser on Josari! We go through a rigorous vetting process to ensure our advisers know what they’re talking about. Plus, our user review system means that advisers that don’t cut the mustard won’t stay advisers for long.

Don’t break the bank

We get it – consultants and retainers can be expensive. Lucky for you, Josari is now your new best friend. Only pay for the advice you need. Don’t break the bank (or your business) just because you don’t know what you don’t know.

Take the pressure off

Stress shuts down brains. Be on your best game. Our advisers are ready to take your video call and help you solve your business challenges. Don’t go it alone. Be like Farnsie and “take the pressure off”!

Need a second opinion?

Already have some awesome advisers in your network? Great! Just remember there’s more than one way to bake a cake. Get a second opinion on your next move before you commit thousands of $$$. It’s worth it, if only for your own peace of mind.

P.S – Google isn’t qualified!

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