April 2020 Update – What’s New With Josari?

What's-new-User-Experience-Updates,-Service-Profiles-and-Video-Optimisation- Josari

User Experience Updates, New Service Registration Improvements and Video Optimisation.

Hey all,

Welcome to April!

We’ve been busy tweaking the app again to improve the User Experience (UX). There are a number of changes included in this update, including a complete redesign of the adviser onboarding process, menu design upgrades, bug fixes and an announcement of exciting developments to come (including a release date for our most anticipated Android launch). Below is a short summary of the major changes:

User Interface redesign

Josari has received a major UX upgrade, including a new menu system featured at the bottom of the Josari app. These new buttons redirect the user to key areas of a users’ profile and highlight any new notifications they may have (e.g. an incomplete service profile, service request or Stripe payment notification).

This also provides easier access to the most common areas of the platform, including a consumer profile, services offered, favorites, notifications and most importantly the home button so you can find and connect with experienced advisers.

Creating a new Service just got a lot easier

Continuing on from prior Service Profile updates, the newest version of Josari features a complete overhaul of the service registration process. This includes the addition of guided steps to walk you through setting up a new service, as well as a streamlining of the overall interface. Check out the new steps here:

Service Setup - Connect with Stripe - Josari
Service Setup - Name of service - Josari
Service Setup - How will you help - Josari
Service Setup - What is your experience - Josari
Service Setup - Do you have any qualifications - Josari
Service Setup - A bit more information - Josari
Service Setup - Preview - Josari
Service Setup - Complete - Josari

Fixed video connectivity issues

We fixed a technical issue Josari was having with the video connectivity. The video platform we use had not yet caught up with the latest updates to Apple’s iOS, so we had to make some changes to Josari to address the problem. If you are having any further issues following this update, please send a message to support@josari.io.

Note that when you make a call, the small picture is reversed. This means that when you look left when talking someone, it will look like you are looking right. This is a bug from the Sinch platform itself which we are looking to overcome in the near future. Please stay tuned for the next update which will address this bug.

Other minor bug fixes

This newest update also includes another round of minor bug fixes including some image scale and text inconsistency issues. These fixes are all small steps as we move Josari further towards being a seamless and fluid experience.

What’s next on the list of to-do’s for Josari?

The next 3 months hold some exciting developments for Josari – notably the launch of our Android version at the beginning of April and a whole stable of UX improvements.

Being our most requested element for Josari, Android compatibility will open the doors to thousands of potential new users and a massive number of those who have wanted to sign up for the platform.

There’s also a new goal on the horizon and you can expect to hear more on it in the coming weeks – April will be a major stepping stone for Josari as a platform.

Stay tuned for more updates in the weeks to come!



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