Creating real value for real estate agents

Connect digitally with your clients to take your Real Estate Agency to the next level.


Josari offers customized and interactive Real Estate Services to buyers, sellers and landlords through its unique video communications solution.


By combining cutting-edge technology with old-school sales skills, Josari allows you to personally engage with your clients, regardless of their location. 

Auctions, open homes and landlord inspections become authentic, accurate and transparent via virtual tours and private digital consultations.


Josari will increase your visibility to interstate and international buyers and give you a competitive advantage in the real estate industry. In addition, Josari’s video technology will improve your customer service delivery and streamline the use of your time.

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    What your customers will love

    Your BUYERS will benefit from:

      • Live one-on-one tours of their dream property – at a time that suits them
      • Authentic open home viewings – from all over the world
      • Effective digital property inspections without the need to be on-site – saving them time
      • The ability to participate in live auctions – regardless of where they are

    Your SELLERS will profit from

      • Increased sales opportunities – by reaching more interstate and international buyers
      • More efficient property presentations – by offering customised services and more value for money

    Your LANDLORDS will love

      • Live on-site inspections – giving them peace of mind that their property is well maintained
      • Video checks on maintenance work and repairs – supporting transparency and reliability

    Features you'll love

    Convert leads into sales:

    With Josari, you can engage with more leads on a personal level prior to open home inspections. Gauge their interest using Josari, so when buyers and tenants come to inspect the property, they are already “warm” leads that have shown a clear interest in the property.

    Maximise your revenue:

    Organise video consultations with your buyers, sellers and landlords to make the most of your time. Up your performance and  maximise revenue by cutting down time consuming in-person interactions.

    Boost your competitive edge:

    Build outstanding relationships with your customers and they will recommend you to everyone they know. Gain that competitive edge by offering private and customized video tours that will make your clients feel exclusively served.

    Expand your clientele:

    Open up new market opportunities with Josari. Engage with interstate and international buyers, sellers and landlords to expand your clientele and reputation.