Provide Handyman Advice Anywhere

As someone who has the skills to deliver advice on a range of Handyman services, it’s never been easier to earn extra cash doing what you know best.

With Josari’s video marketplace, you can use the latest video technology on your phone to help customers find solutions to the handyman services they require, right from the comfort of your home or workshop.

It doesn’t matter if they’re in Brisbane or Broome: you can easily deliver and charge for your services through Josari.

We’re on the hunt for handymen to provide paid advice to customers, so if you think you can consult or provide quotes via video, register your interest now!

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    With Josari, consumers Australia-wide can contact you for advice. Earn money consulting whilst simultaneously building a base of new customers.

    Additional benefits include:

    • Increased market exposure / free advertising for your business
    • Flexible working arrangements
    • Detailed listing for each service you provide
    • Income and lead generation opportunities
    • Fast Payment solutions
    • Low cost of operation
    • Set the value of your time
    • Set-up multiple accounts for specialties


    Josari allows you to have an additional income on your terms. Get paid what you’re worth for the knowledge you have.


    Take back control of when you work with Josari. With Josari’s video functionality, you can earn money from anyone, anywhere.


    Broaden your target market and customer base with Josari. It’s free to list your business and gain additional exposure to new customers.